Medical Billing and collections

The claims, as per codes put forward by clients, are submitted electronically to the medical aid schemes, tailed by the collection of the balance, or hand over where applicable. A service ideal for medical doctors in dire need of an efficient administrative support structure, alleviating the burden of managing staff and other necessary work flows ystems.

Medical Practice Management Training

The Health Professions Council of South Africa is always inundated with complaints, relating to the incompetencies displayed by the employees within medical practices. This thus birthed the offering of training which furnishes support to new or experienced staff and entails; Sound Administration and Communications Skills, Client/Patient Liaison proficiencies and Accounts Management.

Coding Workshops

The codes and the understanding thereof, are a crucial part of the treatment provided by healthcare professionals prior to the private sector ingress, as it is the universal language for all stakeholders within the medical fraternity. The point of convergence is in detailing the rules of codes, to ensure ethical coding and billing
optimization. The information shared has been embraced by a
group of both new and established practices.

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Other projects

  • Medical Billing
  • Healthcare Professionals Forum Management
  • Training of doctors and their practice personnel
  • Coding and Billing Optimisation Workshops
  • Admin and Management Support
  • Medical Supplies
  • Coordinate and Sales Management Coaching:  Internship Programme–PharmaceuticalCompany.

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